We are the Johns Hopkins University chapter of Omega Psi, the national undergraduate honor society for Cognitive Science. The purpose of Omega Psi is to raise awareness of Cognitive Science and provide opportunities in research, community service, and networking for Johns Hopkins undergraduate students.  We believe that it is important to encourage collaboration and build relationships with other students and faculty in a major as diverse as Cognitive Science. To learn more about Omega Psi, visit the national honor society’s website.

Current Executive Board Members

Spandana Mandaloju -President
Major(s): Cognitive Science
Focal 1: Neuroscience
Focal 2: Cognitive Neuropsychology
Spandana does research in cognitive development on children’s memory and learning.

Arunima Vijay – Secretary
Major: Cognitive Science
Focal 1: Linguistics
Focal 2: Neuroscience
Arunima is also premed and participates in research on Homewood campus regarding Linguistic development in children as well as research at JHMI regarding the effects of an anti-epileptic drug on the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Kevin DeMario – Webmaster
Major(s): Cognitive Science and Philosophy
Focal 1: Philosophy of Mind
Focal 2: Computational Approaches
Kevin is also pre-med! He likes foundation questions concerning the nature of the mind and cognition.

Ioana Grosu – Treasurer
Major(s): Cognitive Science and Philosophy
Focal 1: Linguistics
Focal 2: Computational Approaches
Ioana is a sophomore majoring in Cognitive Science and Philosophy. She has done research in phonology!

Katie Link – Community Service Chair
Major: Neuroscience
Katie is a rising sophomore deciding between majoring in Neuroscience  with a possible minor in linguistics. She is pre-med and has done research in linguistics, language disorders (William’s Syndrome), and neurotherapeutics.

Wen Wen Teh – Publicity Chair
Major(s): Neuroscience and Economics
Focal area: Cognitive Neuroscience
Wen Wen enjoys the interdisciplinary nature of behavioural economics which employs neuroscience, psychology and economic models. She is currently conducting research in neuroeconomics and on adult neurogenesis. Inspirations: Dan Ariely, Colin Camerer

Aditi Kannan – Fundraising Chair
Major: Cognitive Science
Focal Area 1: Neuroscience
Focal Area 2: Linguistics
Aditi is a junior majoring in Cognitive Science. She has done research in neuroengineering and instrumentation, working on sensory substitution mechanisms and prosthetic limb technology. She is interested in the area of consumer decision making, and the role of BCI (Brain Computer Interface) models in understanding the influencers of economic decisions in the marketplace.

Anne Li – Conference Chair
Major(s): Neuroscience and Spanish
Focus: Systems Neuroscience
Anne is a premed who loves learning about the brain and foreign languages (such as Spanish!). She is especially passionate about research focusing on neurological diseases.
She has done research in microRNAs and thyroid cancer, and is now working on a project focusing on brain tumors.

Congratulations to our Fall 2016 Honors Members!

Alana DiSabatino
Arunima Vijay
Hannah Cowley
Harry Burke
Indigo Rose
Jack Valenti
Kevin Demario
Maria Chroneos
Marissa Ferreyros
Morgan Marc
Spandana Mandaloju
Vita Lampietti

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